typhoonJohn Master Lee, one of the guys behind the recently Kickstarted Spark Rising, is starting a grass roots campaign to help with victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan.

As it tore through the Philippines with sustained winds approaching 200 mph, and gusts estimated to be over 250 mph, Haiyan is estimated to have killed about 2500 people and left over 2 million in serious need of aid.  Having family in some of the affected areas has obviously put John, his wife, and the rest of the team at Wicked Loot in the unenviable position of watching the hell their loved ones are going through thousands of miles away.  In an effort to do anything possible to help John and his team have put together a charity campaign of sorts.

The Wicked Loot team has agreed that anyone who donates at least $5 to the Philippines will get a free copy of our game Spark Rising. Please note that our game Spark Rising isn’t planned for launch til 2014 on PC or Mac, so you are in essence getting a pre-order for the game with early alpha access. In addition, you can get a copy of the game Gravi for free as well, thanks to the generous support from Hashbang Games. Gravi is current for PC only, and is available for early access on Steam.

$5 for spark rising and Gravi?  That’s a tough offer to pass up, and should be nearly impossible when you consider the cause.  Rather than funneling the cash to a large charity, John states on the funding page that they’re sending 100% of all donations to those affected via a local church that the affected family members are a part of. No administrative overhead, not a bad deal.

Do you trust that the money will go where it should?  Charity is always tricky like that, isn’t it?  If you want to be skeptical, just throw in the five bucks and get a couple games, consider it a great sale.  If you trust John and Wicked look given their very reputable background then maybe dig a bit deeper.  $50 only means one less PS4/Xbone game; and let’s be honest, the launch lineups aren’t that great.  If you choose not to donate, or just can’t, then please take a moment to spread the word by spreading Wicked Loots charity page.

Learn more about Wicked Loot’s charity efforts right here. Learn more about John and Spark rising in our recent interview with him at this link.  And finally, stay up to date on Haiyan related events on GMA News Online.

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