unwritten2The gang over at Druid Gameworks have returned to Kickstarter with their open world RPG Unwritten : Echoes of Twilight, and it looks like it was time well spent.  There’s more game videos, a lot more information on the game itself, more consistent updates, a smaller funding target, and a campaign that just seems better organized.

As mentioned, Unwritten is an open world RPG in the spirit of the Elder Scrolls series except the goal for Unwritten is to include more role playing and open ended content.  See, as great as Elder Scrolls is, the gameplay is basically a series of activities players need to check off that will eventually lead them to the main storyline.  What Druid is shooting for with Unwritten is to give players a true sense of freedom, without bottlenecks driving them in a particular direction.  It’s open world gameplay in the spirit of the Battlecruiser series; do what you want when you want and see where it takes you.

While Unwritten : Echoes of Twilight still has a long hard road to getting funded, it looks like the team behind it are on the right track; best of luck to them.  To learn more about the game check out the Kickstarter campaign before December 8th.

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