rom2After last night’s rambling look at Dex where I lamented the lack of modern cyberpunk culture and games, it’s only fitting that I come across another promising cyberpunk game; thanks a ton Alanis Morissette!

Today’s cyberpunk tale is called Read Only Memories and comes to us courtesy of Mid Boss Games and Matt Con;  who happens to be the same guy that brought us the ground-breaking GaymerCon a couple months back.  In ROM you play a crusty young journalist, that I have a feeling wears a trench coat, in a world full of ROMs, which are intelligent mobile technology devices.  One day a friend of yours, who’s employed at the mysterious ROM manufacturer Parallax, leaves you a package with the company’s latest creation and proceeds to disappear.  Being the 2064 Luddite that you are, you’ve never had much interest in having a ROM, but this one seems different.  As you attempt to figure out what happened to your friend you’ll explore the streets of San Francisco, try and figure out what Parallax is up to, and maybe learn how to make your ROM stop flashing 12:00AM.

As Matt discusses in ROM’s Kickstarter video, the inspiration for the game is Hideo Kojima’s classic cyberpunk adventure, Snatcher, which should have classic gamers everywhere slobbering.  Sure, the graphics may be more of a throwback than many are used to, but they’re certainly appropriate given its influences.  Additional gameplay screenshots are promised in the coming weeks, so if you’re still reluctant make sure you check back.

The Read Only Memories Kickstarter campaign runs until December 12th and has a funding goal of $62,064, because of course it does.

gaymerx2After you’ve taken a look at ROM, head over to the old GaymerX Kickstarter page for GaymerCon.  The campaign is long over, but the hilarious funding video may help convince you of the importance of GaymerCon and maybe even convince you to pick up some tickets for next years event.

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