after reset1It’s never fun to see a game struggle through its Kickstarter campaign, especially one as promising as After Reset.  This Fallout inspired hard-core RPG has everything you could want; cool post apocalyptic setting, non-linear story, tons of character customization, an enormous game world, solid graphics, and some very impressive concept art.  With 13 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, the team behind After Reset has managed to raise over $40,000.  While that might seem impressive, it pales in comparison to the $900,000 they’re shooting for.

So what’s the problem?  You can’t point a finger at any single issue, but there is a lot working against the game.

  • The funding video is over 10 minutes long.
  • Lots of gameplay has been shown, but it only shows characters walking around.
  • Did everyone give their post apocalyptic Kickstarter funds to Wasteland 2?
  • Inspired by Fallout, but is it too similar with its story and imagery?
  • The developers say they’re based in California, but it’s a Russian team with someone in the US to fulfill the geographic requirements, a trend covered in a recent Gamasutra article.
  • Very few updates
  • No variety in the screenshots or gameplay shownafter reset2

None of these individual issues are deal breakers for potential backers, but when you put them all together there’s enough to give people pause before pulling out their wallets.  As it stands now the team has made it known they have a number of backup plans to get the game made in case the Kickstarter fails.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ve seen of After Reset, but its crowd funding days may be numbered.

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