pakka2Everyone seems to be comparing Proto Games’ upcoming life/babysitting simulator Pakka Pets to the classic Tamogotchi.  On the surface it seems like an obvious comparison to make.  Both games feature small creatures that rely on you in order to survive and thrive.  Both games have a variety of activities you can do with your pets in order to make them happy, and whittle away your day.  And finally, both games initially seem like they’re geared towards kids, but are actually just as likely to appeal to adults looking to fill their cold lonely existence with some companionship.

Any companionship at all!

pakka3But wait!  To say that Pakka Pets is like a futuristic version of Tamogotchi is the same as someone saying Nintendo just releases the same game over and over.  Sure, it might be true, but it’s a slightly ignorant and extraordinarily dangerous thing to say.  Pakka Pets is here to put the smack down on Tamogotchi when it comes to screen based companionship.  First off, these little Pakka are wuvvably, adorbs, and kissabow.  Tamogotchi?  Ugly bastard stepchildren of a bygone era that need to all die.  Pakka are also fairly self sufficient, and don’t require you to constantly watch over them, unlike the Neanderthal-like other guys that would just as likely to die of starvation as they are to roll around in their own filth.

It’s obvious that Pakka are the superior creatures that demand your love and affection; not because they need it, but because your black obsidian non-soul requires it!

You have until February 6th to decide if you want to die alone in a ditch somewhere, or make the only emotional connection possible these days.


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