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Let’s take a look at what’s happening on Kickstarter. Any cool new campaigns to check out? Hmmmm.

loading1Oh, look here, a game called “Loading Human;” that’s a curious title. It’s described as a “Virtual Reality Adventure.” Fancy! It uses the Oculus and Sixense to really put you into the world.

Strange that so many developers are making games that require hardware people can’t actually buy yet, seems like it would be tough to sell many copies. However, it’ll be available someday I’m sure, so someone has to have games available for it. Besides, it’s nice to see that developers don’t seem to be scared off by the higher than usual failure rate of Oculus specific campaigns.

loading2Look at all these press mentions and awards! While I still don’t think that gaming press is able to convince people to back campaigns, they certainly do raise the games’ profile! Hopefully these sites come back and write about Loading Human during the funding period.

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” meets “Monkey Island” in virtual reality. Personally I get more of a Trespasser vibe than Monkey Island, but I’ve been wrong before.

loading3These are some really well produced videos from the developers showing off their game. And such passion! This guy should be an actor! Oh, he is. Well he should be a professional Kickstarter video pitchman! The gameplay looks fun enough, even if the movement between the player and the gameplay video doesn’t seem to really match up. I’m sure it’s nothing.

Character designs! These are always important for adventure games; this is especially true for a Virtual Reality adventure where you’re supposed to feel such a strong connection with the characters.

What’s the female character wearing?


No pants? Purple panties? Really?

Let’s just move on.

princessThe Loading Human Kickstarter campaign is running until June 5th. In a somewhat related note, the Kickstarter Campaign for “No Princess in the Castle,” a documentary on women in gaming that aims to encourage an evolution in our treatment of women that game, is running until May 26th and it still needs help.

Worlds apart.

Update May 8th :

The team at Untold Games, developers behind Loading Human, posted their campaigns’ first update today, it reads in part:

Also, we have received a few comments about the original concept artwork of Alice showing her in a dress and underwear. The reason she was dressed like this was linked to the story, as she’ll be wearing this in a key scene with Prometheus. However, we understand that this might be an issue with some, so we have modified the artwork to show how she will usually appear in the game.

Here it is 🙂


Gotta love crowdfunding.


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