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The question of the week for the week of 6/15/14 is :

What Games From E3 ’14 Have You The Most Excited?


Marcus Estrada


I can’t answer this question with only one answer because there are too many viable responses. If we’re focused on crowdfunding, I’d have to say Chasm and Night in the Woods are my picks. Heck, even if we expand beyond to triple-A games these were the best I’ve actually gotten to test drive. Both are just beautiful in their own unique ways. Chasm provides gameplay that feels great while Night in the Woods brings an engaging, unique narrative that I can’t wait to see more of.

But then there were games that I (and in many cases, anyone else) got to play that excite me all the same. These are things like Bloodborne, Crackdown 3, Fantasy Life, The Order: 1886, Phantom Dust, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xenoblade Chronicles X… The list goes on from here. Except for Bloodborne, none of these games were playable on the show floor which makes it hard to have unfettered adoration for them. Still, they look pretty darn neat!

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David Lins


Not a whole lot, to be honest! I’ll go through the ones that caught my eye, though:

  • Bloodborne – I love Dark Souls, but I always felt it was lacking something from Demon’s Souls: an immense, almost palpable atmosphere. Being the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne has me hyped beyond measure. From Software’s track record is officially good enough to sell me on their name alone, so I’m a bit biased here, I guess.
  • No Man’s Sky – I’m filing this one under “cautiously optimistic.” A game where you can just explore an entire planet and then get into a space ship, fly into space, shoot at dudes in space, and then explore another world seamlessly? Pinch me. No, seriously, pinch me. This game is everything I’ve always wanted. We haven’t seen too much of it yet, though, so I’m trying to reserve my excitement for now.
  • Legend of Zelda world Zelda game is pretty exciting, and did you *see* those graphics? I couldn’t believe how gorgeous Hyrule looked. Right now, the game seems to be shaping up as “Skyrim only it doesn’t look like ass and also it’s a Zelda game” and it’s hard for me not to get at least a little hyped about that. We’ll see!
  • Scalebound – Really. Really, Kamiya. An Xbox One exclusive. Why. Why must you do this to me. Look, I won’t waste your time explaining why I think Platinum Games is like the best developer ever. Just know that this is a game where you will probably fight dinosaurs and giant hydra things with a sword and that it will probably be very stylish and stupid and hilarious and I am beyond excited to borrow someone’s Xbox One just to play it, OK?

Honorable mentions (or sequels I’m also excited for): Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. I guess I’m kinda lookin’ forward to that Yarn Yoshi Whatever game too but don’t tell anyone.

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Nathaniel Liles


In all honesty, I didn’t watch E3 because the media is saturated in the highlights for months afterwards. I get the good stuff, essentially, but I don’t watch the full show, and from what I gather, everyone but Nintendo just laid an egg at E3 this year. I’m not even talking giant, delicious eggs of information, I’m talking bad eggs. Nintendo seemingly hit it out of the park, announcing two new Zelda games, a couple details about Smash Bros., and some footage of the new Pokemon games, all of which I’m excited about, but the thing I’m MOST excited about wasn’t even mentioned, just… Seen. A new Starfox, guys! I am SO JAZZED about a new Starfox, but it sucks because no actual info was released, just a little screen-grab.

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Charlotte “Charlie” Humphries

charlotteThe two games I am most excited for are Dragon Age: Inquisition and Tomb Raider, if only because their representation of different people *cough* Ubisoft, what are you doing? *cough* is a breath of fresh air.

I have been a fan of Dragon Age from the start, and I am very pleased that they have tackled the dragon fighting mechanics and given them an upgrade.

Ah, Tomb Raider. It’s been a bumpy ride but here we are again. Let’s just hope that you continue on from the previous, excellent game with a high quality that will have me singing your praises for a long while afterwards.

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Greg Micek


As much as I cried about E3 a few days ago, I look forward to it every year, to the point that I clear my work schedule in order to be fully jacked into it. This year seems like it was a strong year, not just due to the title selection, but due to the fact that I didn’t get much of a vaporware vibe from many of the games.

What titles had me the most jazzed? I tried to focus on ones that are within a reasonable release window; because even though I’ll be taking vacation once Star Wars Battlefront comes out, it’s going to take forever. Also, my selections are very light on indie selections; this isn’t due to me being a sellout (I am), but because E3 is a show about big flashes and loud noises.

  • Assassins Creed: Unity : I love the Creed series. Sure, the Ubisoft PR people that handled the recent gender question should probably take some PR refresher classes; but it looks like great fun as always.
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth : Its Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri 2, one of the defining games of my 20’s, and the first game I install anytime I get a new system. The second is Grim Fandango, and while I’m psyched for the re-release, I’m perfectly content with the original still. However, I’m more than ready for some new and improved SMAC!
  • Far Cry 4 : I played Far Cry 2 for an hour before getting horribly bored. Apparently I’m not alone, but that experience caused me to ignore Far Cry 3, something I’m mocked for on a regular basis. I’ll be there day one for Far Cry 4.
  • Rainbox Six Siege : Although I hate gaming online with other people, and prefer lan parties when I can get them, I just might need to get some new friends when this drops. I was obsessed with the first several games in the series, and even covered every inch of Covert Operations to the point where I aced all the tests, and this looks like a return to the old form.
  • No Man’s Sky : I’m a little skeptical of this one, mostly because I’m not convinced that procedurally generated levels can create a compelling experience, but I’m excited to give it a shot. The idea of having an open world to explore and get lost has me extremely excited.

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