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The question of the week for the week of 7/6/14 is :

If you could make a crowdfunded game, what would it be like?


Julie Morley

julieA lot of the games I seem to really like are heavily story oriented and rely on atmosphere to keep the player interested. It is an experience and breathtakingly beautiful. My preference seems to always be a sidescrolling platformer game with pixel art because those are the ones I’ve played the most but a point and click game is always a possibility. However, there have been some outside those guidelines that have knocked me over. I would want to create a game enriched with a story that will push the player to keep striving further and further because they just can’t turn away from the next arc, the next big thing that will veer them around in the levels. Those seem to be the most rewarding when you get through the really challenging stuff.

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Nathaniel Liles


I’ve recently revisited the idea of making video games after a several-month stint making RPGs in my earlier days, and if I’m able to tough it out, learn the software, and actually make a game, it’ll probably be a platformer, for simplicity’s sake. I’m not, however, interested in making a game that’s simply a collection of levels. While a lot of those are fun, I want it to have something going for it beyond gameplay. My point of reference here is a game like Thomas Was Alone. I loved that game. It was extremely simple, but the narration and level design was thoughtfully put together in a way that genuinely made me want to keep playing. That’s what I want to create. An unconventional, narrative platformer.

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Marcus Estrada


I’d love to say that if I were to crowdfund something it would be my dream game, but I don’t think the amount of money I could generate would ever come close to matching such a lofty goal. Still, I think with a fair goal it would be possible to work on a project that has hung around in my head for a while and that would be a visual novel! Why would there even need to be a Kickstarter or Indiegogo for something that’s primarily pictures and text? Well, for one, I can’t draw. Secondly, it would be an awesome way to hire amazing artists who (somehow) have not made a career with their artistic skill. Of course, the same would be true of a musician to put infuse just the right mood into the soundtrack.

Oh, what would the game’s actual plot and whatnot be about? Without delving into specifics it would be a modern day romance with a focus on characters that you don’t usually get to see in dating sims. So, characters with more unique tastes, body types, sexualities, genders, and the like. There are indies out there who are making great visual novels  and it would be great to share my own project with the world.

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David Lins


If I could make a crowdfunded game, it’d be an exploration horror game set on an uncharted island during the colonial time period. You’d defend yourself with muskets and possibly melee weapons of some kind. While stranded on the island, you’d have to fight off hordes of bizarre creatures–they’d be similar to animals, but warped and enlarged in some way. You’d run into other people, from various time periods (past and future), who have been stuck on the island for ages. From there, you’d have to work out how to escape. It’d play a bit like Dark Souls, but with more horror elements added. There wouldn’t really be a leveling system, but the combat would be hectic and would aim for a feeling of desperation. Bosses would drop unique weapons that the player can use to keep things interesting.

It’s an idea I’ve been working on a bit in my head, though I’ll likely never start designing it since I lack the skills and time necessary. Maybe I’ll make a D&D campaign out of it? Who knows.

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Greg Micek


It’s so tough to narrow down, there are tons of games I’d like to see made.  A new GameDev Story, an updated Red Baron, a cyberpunk style RPG, or even a WWI strategy game.  However, if I’m being reasonable I’d say that a business simulator that simulates running a crowdfunding campaign would be both the most reasonable, and enjoyable for me at the moment.  In addition to being fun, hopefully it could help teach backers and crowdfunders some valuable lessons within the safety of a game.

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Greg Micek

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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
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