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The question of the week for the week of 7/27/14 is :

What’s your opinion of the Maksym Pashanin situation?


Marcus Estrada


The Maksym Pashanin situation is… wow. To me, it really seems like a horrible way to conduct yourself in general, but doubly so when you have your name out there as some form of creator. Basically, if he wasn’t a developer on any crowdfunded games and just “some guy” we would probably hear a bit less about the situation. In either case, the whole thing is incredibly unfortunate to watch unfold.

Even though there are “squatters rights” laws in California, I don’t really feel they will work in Pashanin’s favor which makes his apparent claim to sue totally oddball. Obviously, I’m no lawyer but typically to be a squatter who can turn over into an actual property owner you have to do things in a mostly legitimate way (Pay for fees associated with living there, occupy the location for a while, etc). This is all reliant on no one complaining/caring. Since the homeowner does care and wants him out he very likely is set to lose his case. Why Pashanin decided to do this is beyond me but we’ll likely learn much more about the situation in the future.

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Greg Micek


Short of there being a great explanation regarding the Airbnb situation, it’s all very shady.  Sure, he’s legally in the right, but it doesn’t make it right in my opinion.  However, I’d be very curious to hear what explanation he has for it, other than it being legal.

With regards to Confederate Express and Knuckle Club; I don’t think they’re scams.  There’s no question that they’re not being managed well, that Maksym doesn’t seem to care about his backers, and that there’s a disappointing lack of transparency.  However, these elements point towards poor management rather than someone looking to steal money.  As with many Kickstarter developers, Maksym is in desperate need of a PR rep.


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