Kona1It’s not uncommon to see a game fail on Kickstarter and get rebooted. These second campaigns are usually an effort to get the game made, they usually have lower funding goals, and they’re usually the exact same campaign that failed in the past, but Parabole has a different idea. Their last campaign, Gridlock Tacticsdidn’t do as well as they’d hoped, raising less than a quarter of the goal, but instead of just posting the same idea again Parabole has moved on to fresh material, and it looks much more original and immersive.

The game in question is Kônaa frozen survival sim set in Northern Quebec in the distant, faraway time of 1970. While dinosaurs did, in fact, roam the Earth at this point in time, the developers chose to set their game in a climate dinosaurs tend to avoid – the frozen tundra. Mystery is abound as a seemingly easy case goes very wrong, and our protagonist Carl, the war veteran turned private eye, is called up to investigate a turf battle between a copper mogul and the native people of the land he’s destroying, but upon his arrival, he finds… Nothing. You’ll be pitted against the elements, collecting evidence and piecing together what exactly happened to the local population.

KônaKona2 takes survival gameplay and turns it on its head by adding something most survival games don’t have: an actual goal. Instead of wandering aimlessly trying to keep your “alive bar” full, you’ll be fighting the elements as you try to unravel the very mystery that left you stranded. You’ll get hungry, you’ll lose blood, and you’ll have to fight for your life, but you’ll also have to take some initiative and collect evidence. This game doesn’t hold your hand for a second, and if that’s your jam, you should definitely check out Kôna’s Kickstarter page for more information or vote on Steam Greenlight. If the $40,000 CAD goal is met, you can expect the title on PC and Mac, and in the mean time, you can play the demo on either platform.



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