Culina1Visual novels plague Kickstarter. Maybe plague is too harsh. Aggressively inhabit may be a little more accurate. They are absolutely everywhere, and whether or not you think that’s a good thing or not, it’s a fact that visual novels often fail to mix things up. It’s always about romancing pretty anime girls, and although that’s definitely a solid concept, it needs to expand. We can’t just romance anime girls. We want to cook. Well… I do, at least. Judge me.

Culina brings a few opportunities to the table. For many of us, we’ll get the opportunity to supplement the visual novel experience with a few fun cooking minigames, and if there’s any genre that needs to be expanded, it’s visual novels. It also presents us with an opportunity to use that OUYA that we’ve been using as a doorstop, since Culina will be participating in the OUYA Free the Games Fund, and, as a result, be exclusive to the OUYA for a time. Inspired by an interesting combination of Persona 4 and Hot Dog Stand: The Works, Culina strives to create a unique visual novel experience, wherein you will build the restaurant of your dreams, cook there, craft new and enticing recipes, and, yes, form bonds and romances with the people you meet. It is still a visual novel, after all.

Culina3If you would like Culina to come to Windows PC, Mac, Linux, or OUYA, your support can be shown both monetarily and for free. If you’d like to help the developers pay the bills and get the game made, you can pledge to Kickstarter and lock down a reward for your help, but if you’re a little light on cash, you can vote on Steam Greenlight to help the PC/Mac/Linux release be as successful as possible. If you’re not sold yet, Kickstarter even has a playable demo for any one of those platforms.


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