Rose1I was born in 1995, and while, yes, that means I’m a filthy 19-year old kid and you can’t believe a word I write, it doesn’t mean that I don’t absolutely adore 80’s movies. That’s something that the developers of Rose and I share, but we don’t just love 80’s movies indiscriminately, and the developers of said game have a very specific love. A lost genre that came and went with the 80’s, the genre of “kids in danger”. We’ve all seen movies like this, I like to think, because it’s a phenomenal genre that places kids – characters often reserved for sympathy value alone – in horrible, dangerous situations. If there’s anyone on Earth less equipped to deal with terror than me, it’s a ragtag group of kids, and the formula makes for a good movie. Does the idea transfer into gaming? Well, if Rose is any indication, the answer is yes.

Rose is a “kids in danger” game that plays similarly to the point-and-click dungeon crawlers of years gone by. You play as the titular Rose, accompanied by three friends and a brother, all trapped in a house that’s remained untouched for 30 years. You’re completely trapped, and the only way to escape is to unravel the tainted mystery that surrounds the house and its horrifying state of abandon.

Rose2If you’d like to learn more about RoseI encourage you to check out the Kickstarter, and if you like what you see, your pledge would be a huge help in meeting the low and reasonable $10,000 funding goal. Why such a low goal? Because Rose is participating the OUYA’s Free the Games Fund, which will double the money raised so the game can be OUYA-exclusive for a short period of time. After that, it’s planned to be released through Steam, and if you’d like to see that happen, you can vote of Steam Greenlight.


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