AgeOfGrit3Firefly came and went a little too quickly, and the community has definitely demonstrated that sentiment in countless blogs, campaigns, and rants, but after all that, we’re no closer to expanding upon the series itself. The movie killed off some of the most likable characters, so a revival doesn’t seem likely, but the spirit of Firefly lives on in the hearts and minds of many. It was a great show, and since its demise, it’s inspired books, board games, videos, and now video games like Age of Grit.

The most remarkable thing about Age of Grit, however, is its great RPG elements. You set out into a vast frontier world, each section controlled by a different faction, and you, as the captain of your steam-powered airship, must move forth and “blow the crap out of stuff” in strategic turn-based battles where you must manage the steam pressure in your airship to divert power to different facilities when you need them. It sounds like it’ll have a bit of an FTL feel to it, but turn-based and steam-powered. Characters will all be suitably fleshed-out, and your characters will progress in a way that demands thought and attention to synergy. If you don’t build your characters to work together, your crew won’t do their jobs very well. Airships are fully customizable, both in cosmetics and abilities, so you can look forward to deep and strategic gameplay both in battle and in preparation.

AgeOfGrit2If you’d like to support Age of Grit, I encourage you to visit and share iqSoup’s Kickstarter page for the project. There’s a lot of great artwork, music, and gameplay to check out, and if all that inspires you to support the project, you can pledge a few bucks and score yourself a sweet reward tier. The initial funding goal is an extremely reasonable $12,000 for a PC and Mac release, so if you’ve been waiting for a project to back, this might just be the one.


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