gaymerx3logoGaymerX is one of the few conventions that was born thanks to Kickstarter. In its first year, the project leads asked for a tremendously low funding amount of $25,000 but raised over 200% of it. During the second year their goal was even lower at $10,000. Since then, it was revealed that the convention was an incredibly expensive affair for all involved. Because of that, GaymerX2 was meant to be the last one.

Things changed thanks to a very unfortunate mistake by GX2 sponsor NIS America. Initially, word got out that they were unable to pay their fees. This was quickly and amicably resolved, but in the mean time, indie developers, publishers, and others began pledging money toward a third year of GaymerX. With such an amazing outcropping of support the GaymerX team reconsidered their stance on no more conventions.

GaymerX is back but this time it has a new name. GX: Everyone Games, formerly known as GaymerX3, is now seeking funding on Kickstarter. Thanks to the knowledge the team gained through hosting two previous conventions they have smartly placed its funding goal at $80,000. As of right now, they’ve funded all the way up to 41% – and there’s still 22 days to go.

Even if you can’t go to San Francisco to attend the event, pledging some money can still net you backer rewards. At $35 digital downloads for the documentary Gaming in Color and game Read Only Memories are available. Of course, paying $60 (or adding it onto other tiers) guarantees you a ticket for GX: Everyone Games.  As someone who went to and loved GaymerX2 it’s exciting to see a third event will likely happen!


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