It’s always refreshing to see new point and click adventures emerge since the genre has so much to offer. Ira, currently on Kickstarter by developer Ore Creative, is the latest out there. It tells the story of a fellow named Ira who grew up on Earth but obsessed with the stars. When humanity gains the ability to explore Ira is even more captivated – enough to join the second space flight team and see what other planets have to offer. Unfortunately, once pulled out of a multi-year sleep he finds himself completely alone (aside from an AI companion). What happened and why was Ira so compelled to be a part of this expedition since his youth?


These questions will hopefully get satisfactory answers along the course of playing Ira. However, the storyline isn’t simply going to play out in linear fashion. We will see different timelines intersect and watch them unfold. One timeline follows Ira’s present situation, another is focused on his youth, and the other shows what happened to the very first crew. Throughout all these timelines players will have to solve environmental and inventory puzzles. There’s also a big focus on giving folks more control of dialogue and how it influences events.


Ira sounds like a distinctive point and click game and it has already drawn the attention of some genre fans. In fact, the game was already successfully Greenlit on Steam prior to this Kickstarter. A demo is available for both Windows and Mac PC owners if you’d like to give the game a spin.

Track the progress of the Ira Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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