It seems no one can keep Ynnis Interactive down. Since 2013 they’ve hit up Kickstarter with six different video game projects (most of which succeeded). So far two have launched, Mysterious Cities of Gold and Kill the Bad Guy. Their more recent campaigns for Shiness and (very recently) Goetia are still in development. Even so, they’re more than happy to host a Kickstarter for developer Area Effect’s new game Izle. So, let’s talk about this brand new title and see if it sounds worth that $90,000 funding goal.


Izle brings players into a 3D procedurally generated world dominated by two warring godly forces. There are the gods of Light, which you are aligned with, which allow for the creation of huge and wonderful worlds. On the other hand are the Shadows which wreak havoc and seek to destroy everything. Players must engage in quests and succeed lest the Shadows gain power and continue along their path of destruction. The exact specifics of what you’re doing and how everything is effected are still pretty vague, but it seems the focus is on players creating and exploring.


You see, Izle is one of the many games as of late utilizing voxels for world creation. However, unlike the super blocky Minecraft these are “smooth” voxels which allow for a lot more specific deformation and creation. The visuals presented in game so far look gorgeous with its unique coloration and polygonal design. Izle is planned for PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), PSN, Wii U, and XBLA.

Track the progress of the Izle Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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