I wouldn’t say I dislike all humans; some of you are great I’m sure.  After all, humans are responsible for some of the greatest accomplishments in the universe. Like Red Baron.  But playing against people in video games?  I’ll pass.  Not only do you have to make arrangements to play with your friends – which is like asking someone out on a date – you generally have to talk to them; using your voice.  Then there’s the terrifying possibility that one person is far better at the game than the other.  The whole affair is just too much, which is why single player games are where it’s at.

It’s with a great sigh of relief that I bring you news of a significant update to Julian Gallop’s Chaos Reborn.  Up until now this successor to the 80’s combat classic was a multiplayer affair, complete with meat bag controlled wizards duking it out across beautifully rendered hexagonal worlds.  However, starting now players can turn out the lights, unplug the phone, and mark themselves Busy on Skype because the single player aspect of Chaos Reborn has been released.


The latest Chaos Reborn update not only brings single player combat, but introduces a number of significant fixes that the games’ Early Access players will undoubtedly appreciate.  Head over to the Chaos Reborn Steam page for more details on the update, or to pick it up for yourself at a discount if you don’t already own it.

In the meantime, be sure to check out our previous coverage of Chaos Reborn to learn about it and the man creating it.  Or you could not read anything and watch the latest gameplay trailer.



All hail Nolaa Tarkona

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