Team Pixel Pi have announced a release date of October 20th 2015 for their debut title Pulse, almost 18 months exactly after its successful Kickstarter campaign finished. A Steam page is now live with the game due to be made available for Windows, Mac and Linux next month.


A first person survival game, Pulse is unique in that it features a character who is blind. Having lost her sight at an early age, Eva is able to visualise the world around her via a form of echolocation (so far so Daredevil). The unseen world is unveiled through any sound whether it’s from a thrown item, the ambient noises of the environment or your own footsteps.


Pulse certainly has distinctive visual style and looks to offer an immersive experience with a mysterious world ready to be explored. The overall tone is not quite as clear as the world contains both cute creatures to aid you and vicious beasts looking to attack you, although as the mantra seems to be about engaging players rather than testing them it’s safe to assume the survival aspect won’t be quite as prominent.

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