Whether you think Edward Snowden is a national hero, a traitor, or just a douche bag there’s no question that his decision to leak some sensitive NSA documents has had far-reaching impact.  And now, thanks to developer James Long, you can play the game!!

Top Secret is a new game on Kickstarter that can basically be described as the Snowden Leaks video game.  This game features fun with encryption, the joy of harassing nosey journalists, and the rush of tracking down moles (not that kind, silly).


Given that the demo for Top Secret is down I’m still a bit confused how the game will play, but it appears to be an inactive fiction adventure with real world components.  Think Spycraft meets Missing: Since January if you’re old like me.


Top Secret could be great, or it could be awful, it’s a tough call.  But hey, the Kickstarter campaign has a relatively modest £8,000 funding goal so it’s not a huge risk for the chance to piss off your right wing uncle on Facebook.

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