Dex developer Dreadlocks have broken their silence on the Wii U and Ouya versions of the sidescrolling cyberpunk RPG. Owners of these systems need not worry: Dex is still on its way, with a targeted release window of Q1 2016 for these systems (though possibly Q2 for the Ouya version).

The delay is explained in a recent update to the Dex Kickstarter page. At some point, the development team shifted their focus to working on the Enhanced Version of Dex based on feedback received following the game’s initial launch period. The console versions of these games are set to include these changes, and so their launch window had to be pushed back as a result.

Additionally, the developer revealed that the Wii U version of Dex will feature some unique functionalities which will be announced further down the line. It also reassured Ouya owners that the console was here to stay, putting fears about console-specific cancellations to rest.

DexBy way of apology, Dreadlocks is sending backers free Steam keys for the game, allowing them to play early on PC or share the game as a gift, while still receiving their console codes when the game eventually launches on their platform of choice.

The remaining physical rewards for backers are also set to be sent out soon, which will hopefully appease some of the 1,930 individuals that donated a total of £30,647 to the project.

DexFor more on Dex, check out the game’s official Kickstarter page, the developer’s official website, and our previous coverage.

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