After 5 months in the dark, Creepy Castle has resurfaced with a progress report. In an update posted to the project’s Kickstarter page, indie developer Dopterra first apologises to the 271 backers who pledged $8,485 to bring the project to life for the lack of communication, before launching into development details.

First of all, the team still plans to launch the game in the fitting month of October, but still don’t have a date pinned down. Nonetheless, a number of new features have been implemented that carry Creepy Castle beyond the range of its initial conception.


Special attacks have been introduced for each of the game’s 9 playable characters, as well as a new scenario entitled ‘Depth’ involving complex exploration of a non-linear environment. Moreover, a second new scenario entitled ‘Due Exaltation’ employs a sci-fi theme in stark contrast to the rest of the fantasy-themed game. Interesting!

The developer lists palette swaps and a lore system as other new systems, as well as general touch-ups, before bringing the update to a close. Dopterra encourages fans to tweet any questions to its official Twitter account to avoid being left in the dark again.

Here’s hoping Creepy Castle makes its planned October release, and announces a launch date soon.

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