You may or may not be familiar with Jake Kaufman, but you should be, because he composed the excellent music for Kickstarter classic Shovel Knight. He’s set to compose all the music in the upcoming Ghost Police too, should developer Steven McCarthy be successful in raising enough through a new Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs.


So far, the campaign is at £1,171 of its £10,500 target (Jake Kaufman’s tunes don’t come cheap). It still has 25 days to meet its goal, and I’m sure those interested in Ghost Police will be giddy at the possibility of having Kaufman’s music in the game. Just listen to his work:

Beautiful stuff.

Ghost Police is an upcoming ‘non-shooter shooter’. There’s plenty of information about the game on the Kickstarter page for Kaufman’s soundtrack. If you loved Shovel Knight’s music, you might want to check it out, and follow its composer on Twitter.

(And if you didn’t love Shovel Knight’s music, you’re dead to me).

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