Ever since I cracked open my first pack of Magic: The Gathering cards I’ve been addicted to collectible card games. The depth and strategy of mixing and matching spells, creatures, and other abilities to create a cohesive deck to trounce your opponent has been a favorite pastime of mine since the mid ’90s. And while it’s waned slightly over the years I’ve never lost my passion. Which is why after seeing what Labyrinth has to offer I can’t wait to see what they do with the game.


Here’s what’s so special about Labyrinth. It’s not your traditional CCG. While you do have decks built from cards that are randomly sorted through packs, and you do spend matches going mano-a-mano with others, it’s how these matches are fought that really sets this one apart from the rest of the pack. Pun intended. Let me tell you how and why I think this is a great idea.

All right. So you crack open your randomly generated packs. They’ll have cards from one of four different disciplines that you can pick from to build your deck. These are like colors of magic in most duel-based card games. Instead of things like black and red mana you’ll be drawing upon more of an ideal than raw power. It’s not outright stated in the pitch, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you can mix and match these types of cards but I’m sure it’ll be stronger in “single color” decks.


“But where’s the innovation?!” I’m sure you’re yelling at me. Well, I’m glad you asked. Labyrinth is not just a card game. It’s also a dungeon crawler RPG where you build your own defenses up with a second deck filled with minions and traps that the traditional “offensive” deck has to overcome to loot your horde. Filling it with even deeper strategic…depth than your average CCG. Which is why I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the beta.

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