I am pumped to be writing about Wanderer again. Ever since I saw the launch on Kicksarter, I’ve really been anticipating this platformer. Wanderer has a lot to offer for a lo-fi platformer, and though I have yet to try it, I see great potential in the story that Red Cloak Games has lined up for it.


The Earth has become a graveyard of sorts. Humans have moved on from their planet once it became infested with mysterious creatures. Colonies formed on planets like Venus and Mars as well as on gargantuan floating space stations, and it seems that Earth is so dangerous, they don’t dare to go back.

Too bad our protagonist, Rook, crash lands on the Earth. What strikes me about him is that he is a convict. Of what crime, I am not sure yet, which drives me to play the game further because of the complexity in his character. Playable protagonist, but a prisoner? What secrets lie in his past? Unfortunately, not even he knows as his “stasis condition” is interrupted by Jin, a hacker.


This causes fractions in Rook’s memory because of the interruption, as I’m sure through gameplay we will strive towards escaping the planet as well as discovering Rook’s past. Jin waking up Rook seems to launch the story into action. Now, they have a common goal of survival and must work together to get off the deadly Earth they used to call home.

Wanderer has an unforgettable cast of characters that Rook meets along the way. Interestingly enough, they all have a complex backstory that you discover through interaction and selecting them to fight with you through the platformer. Beatrix caught my attention as I read her bio. She is young, blind, innocent looking girl who just happens to be a trained assassin with psionic abilities.

Most badass character award definitely goes to her.

Wanderer also wants to provide me with some puppy lovin’ from Zigfried, the wolfhound. He becomes a close companion to Rook and is a very intelligent, space phasing dog. My sci-fi dream dog, in other words.

All these characters add more to Wanderer than you would think. With the ability to customize who you have in your party, certain members open up new scenarios within the game. This adds a layer of story depth; complexity beyond my own platforming imagination. I love the concept here, and I love the extra possibilities based on character interaction.


Currently, Wanderer has 1,438 loving backers and an amount of nearly $60,000 pledged. Their goal is $70,000 with a deadline on November 11th. With an episodic element to it, which is one of my favorite elements that can shape a game and add to story, it shows development promise.


I plan on backing this game before time runs up, and this will be the first game I’ve ever backed in my history of backing. Of all the games I’ve explored thus far, Wanderer grabbed my heart as a fellow story teller. The characters, setting, and plot behind it speaks to me as I strive myself to write a story this compelling (hopefully someday, a playable one too.)

I can say Wanderer is an inspiration to me, I’m very anxious to enter this world.

Read more on Wanderer and their progress on their Kickstarter page.

Gabrielle Steudle
Gabrielle loves being transported into other worlds that people have created, and video games allow her to do that. Ever since she was six years old, she has been gaming. She grew up playing along side Super Nerd, a.k.a, her Dad. Old MMO’s like EverQuest and City of Heroes started her gaming career. Now, Gabrielle enjoys horror games mostly, but is willing to try anything. She has graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and her dream is to write the scripts and storyboards for video games.
Gabrielle Steudle