As I’m sure you know today is Thanksgiving is the US.  It’s a day of for giving thanks for what we have, spending time with loved ones, and helping those less fortunate.  With that said, the Cliqist team encourages you to hold on to any money you’d spend on backing Kickstarter campaigns and instead consider helping those in even greater need.

Here’s each staff members charity of choice in case you’d like some ideas.  When donating to any charity I encourage you to check them out through Charity Navigator and Charity Watch to ensure they’re on the up and up.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Greg : National Alliance to End Homelessness – I can tell you from first-hand experience that being homeless is no fun.  It offers up unique mix of physical, emotional, and social hardship that can be difficult to overcome.  The NAEH is a top rated organization dedicated to ending homelessness and I strongly encourage you to consider donating to their cause.

Marcus : Transgender Law Center – Trans individuals face a lot of challenges, some of which are due to U.S. laws which have yet to catch up to reality. TLC helps to guide people confused about current laws as well as advocates for policy changes.

Serena Nelson : It Gets Better – Too many LGBT youth are harassed and bullied just for being “different” and I want them to know that despite the hardships they might have right now that it does get better.

Dan : ActionAid – For over 30 years ActionAid have been working around the world to eradicate poverty and injustice.

Dylan : World Wildlife Fund Canada – My charity is the World Wildlife Fund Canada ( for the preservation of our natural resources and cute critters.

Gabrielle : Operation Christmas Child –  At this time of year I try to get involved with Operation Christmas Child, sending toys in shoeboxes for kids. I love this charity because a lot of us Americans look at our pretty TV’s and games and luxuries for granted, while there are kids who have no idea what an Xbox or a computer even is and wouldn’t know what to do with it. Even simple stuffed bears or crayons make these kids so happy, I love to watch their reactions every year.

Georgi : Mind – Mental health issues can be really hard to spot, often eating away at you secretly until it’s too late. Mind tries to combat this directly by finding people that may suffer from such problems and giving support to those who might need it.

Laguna : African Wildlife Federation – AWF helps both animals and people in a part of the world that’s far from stable but houses a fragile uniqueness that modern man often quickly forgets.

Laura : C.A.R.E. (Center for Animal Research and Education) – They’re a non-profit organization devoted to education and care of exotic animals, such as big cats.

Matt : Go Campaign– It’s a group that helps communities across the world by providing various resources for children that they may otherwise lack (like libraries and music schools, for example) through public partners, or what they call local heroes. You can even donate to specific projects, if you want in a Kickstarter-like fashion. More importantly, 100% of public donations go towards the cause, so you’re not paying someone’s paycheck when you donate.

Moe : The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – It’s an awesome organization that concentrates on finding cures and treatments for blood cancer patients!

Do you have any favorite charities?  Call them out below!


Greg Micek

Greg Micek

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Greg Micek


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Greg Micek
Greg Micek
Greg Micek