If you are reading this chances are good that you are at least aware of Midboss and their work in gaming in general and queer gaming in particular. After all, at least up through this year they’ve been the ones behind the convention currently going on in San Jose. Well, having attended the “Update Panel” I got the scoop on the future plans of the company and its franchises. If you’re still interested in GaymerX, queer documentary Gaming in Color, or the adventure game Read Only Memories then read on.


Let’s start off with GaymerX itself since this is part of my ongoing coverage of the convention. While this is far from new news the land down under will be host to the queer inclusive gaming convention in February 2016. Midboss will not be hosting it but they are helping to prepare the con organizers for their premier outing in Australia.


For fans north of the equator it has been confirmed that sometime next year we will definitely see it return to California. We don’t know when it will be held or the specific city where it will be but GaymerX¬†will come back. We do know, though, that the convention will be splitting from Midboss and will be becoming non-profit.

Gaming in Color

In regards to the documentary Gaming in Color since the movie itself has been released there wasn’t a whole lot to report in regards to it. It has been picked up by Devolver as a publisher and will be featured on several different streaming services. Steam users should have already seen it show up on the new releases not long ago but it is also available on many more platforms. Just check out the link above for the entire list.

If you’re like me and need more Read Only Memories there’s a lot to reveal. The first reveal was in regards to localization. Beyond the current languages we’ll also see it translated into Japanese (planned for Summer or Fall) and Spanish. There will also be a mobile release dubbed “Type M”.


If you don’t have mobile or are just fine with the English text the above probably doesn’t interest you. However, Midboss‘ biggest announcement at the panel was the inclusion finally of voice acting. That’s right. You’ll finally be able to hear all of the characters’ voices. They have confirmed both Dave Fennoy and Adam Harrington as part of the cast. They couldn’t give any other names but it sounds like they’re still in talks.

Finally, we’ll be seeing more updates to Read Only Memories beyond the above. Those who have been following the development already know about the “Endless Christmas” free DLC, which is planned for release sometime around Christmas. But, it doesn’t end there and they plan on expanding on this open world interaction with surviving characters of the “canon ending” as you get to know them better.

There was a lot more in the hour long panel and I just can’t fit it all into just this one little article. Thankfully, it was recorded just like every other panel running throughout the convention and once it becomes available I’ll be sure to share it. But, I will just add this. What I heard during the talk has made me excited for the future of Midboss.

You can check out the rest of our GX3 coverage from the show right here.

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