Point-and-click adventure Her Majesty’s SPIFFING passed its one year anniversary since being successfully Kickstarted a few weeks ago and the developers have released a new update to celebrate.

When last we heard from them, BillyGoat Entertainment were showing off new animations and a new interface. This time around, they’re taking us on a tour of their new environments. First up there’s a look at some planetary exploration as Captain Frank Lee English and Sub-Lieutenant Aled Jones take a trip outside of the ship. Things are a little sparse for the moment, but the excellent interior lighting carries over well to exterior environments.

Her Majesty's Spiffing

Then we’re taken for an updated tour of the lower deck, which shows off the team’s new fluid shaders and particle effects. The ships interiors are as detailed as ever and feature such oddities as a gramophone player and a frog aquarium.

In addition to the videos, the team have shared progress on a new minigame, which lets you take the Beagle Two-Too out for a spin on the planet’s surface. They assure us that they’re hard at work finishing the game. Everything I’ve seen so far suggests that this is going to be another quality adventure game from the Kickstarter conveyor belt.

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Phil Ings
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Phil Ings