Slipstream is a new racer on Kickstarter from Noctet Studio, creators of the addictive and very cute Meow Sushi Night mobile game. This new title is a retro style racing game called Slipstream. Operating in its own engine, this game wants to exploit your nostalgia for the 80s and 90s by racing through it.

The Kickstarter goal is a modest $6,000 which has been raised 15% of it’s goal as I type. According to developers the game is in a very advanced stage of development, but requires more content. They seem very confident in the game engine they have created and want to work on the visuals and music for the game to deliver a pleasing experience.


Slipstream currently has 8 unique music tracks which you can have a preview of on Soundcloud. They definitely have a great style down, the visuals look amazing. The rewards they are offering are quite good to0, for just $10 dollars you get a Steam key for the game and a DRM-free version. The Kickstarter page also mentions that stretch goals will be revealed as funding progresses.


Stunning visuals and a great soundtrack.

I am very curious to see what they end up creating, they seem to be just starting out so perhaps Slipstream will be the leg up that gets them out of the mobile market and onto Steam. Slipstream is planned for release for Windows, Linux, and Mac and expect the game to be ready for March 2016. Personally, I love modern day race games, but I would love to see what the finished product is like.

Track the progress of the Slipstream Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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