I’ve seen my fair share of weirdness when it comes to Kickstarter videos. This one though… This one is something else. I’m talking about Delta Legend – a blues-riddled RPG that landed on Kickstarter a few days ago. In its 5 minute-long pitch video, you will find a bunch of demons possessing a blues player, the same demons playing in a band (or wielding machine guns strapped on top of hot rods), a giant dragon with glowing red eyes, a bunch of magic for good measure and piranha boats. Yeah.


Oddly enough, this doesn’t mean that Delta Legend should be written off as yet another dodgy Kickstarter campaign. In fact, it’s quite the intriguing concept, as it’s essentially what would happen if Brütal Legend was set in a demon-filled, early 1900s Southern America where blues music and heartfelt guitar tones ruled the world.

Visibly inspired by the legendary Robert Johnson and the myths behind “Cross Road Blues“, Delta Legend is rather similar to the aforementioned rock-filled game in terms of basic gameplay (name coincident aside). One can also make analogies to Overlord, with minions running around the place and whatnot. Sadly, I’m not entirely sure if players will be controlling the blues player of the demons, but at least it’s certain that we are looking at an “action role-playing video game” with leveling up, shooting, driving and all that jazz.

My lack of confidence in describing Delta Legend’s gameplay in more detail stems mostly from the fact that the majority of information featured on the game’s Kickstarter page is more than hard to understand, mostly due to the fact that it felt like I was reading through a substantial part of a design document as opposed to seeing a commercial pitch. Walls of text and an abundance of unnecessary details were unfortunate to see, as it’s obvious that the developers have put a lot of effort into making Delta Legend as decently looking as possible.

On the bright side though, there were many a gifs and pretty pictures.

Luckily, the presence of demonic beings, dragons and piranha boats becomes a tad bit clearer once you read into the game’s story – a tale of the evil “Beezelee Bubba” (loving the name by the way) taking control of some demon-filled world reigned by blues music, with three rebellious demons having to use a legendary human guitar player as a means of defeating mighty Bubba.


Still, a few headings would’ve been useful. Also, Gut Games Studio is the name of the two-person team behind Delta Legend, and according to the Kickstarter page they’ve been working on the game since 2013. Shockingly, they are also not from Memphis, but from Ireland instead.

Finally, I should also note that Delta Legend seems to be the duo’s first attempt at developing a commercial game. With that being said, the total sum required by the campaign is €40,000, so if you’re feeling the blues go ahead and pledge a few bucks.

Georgi Trenev

Georgi Trenev

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