24 Killers is described as a “life sim with whodunnit elements” by the creator Todd Luke on its Kickstarter page. It’s a game set in a colourful world made distinct by Luke’s unique claymation art style, which looks fantastic in pictures but even better in motion. So it strikes me as a great idea that the recent update on the campaign is a 10-minute narrated video by the creator himself that offers insights into the design process and how things are coming along.


This kind of inside look is a great way to connect with the audience of backers and potential backers alike for any campaign, but I’m especially fond of seeing it for something like 24 Killers, given the unique mindset and process involved in creating the art and gameplay for such an unusual, hard-to-define game. Luke’s soft-spoken demeanour just seems to so perfectly fit his creation, and even just spending ten minutes with his demonstration I feel much more endeared towards the campaign. A little personal touch can really do so much in the cluttered crowdfunding world.

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