Onagro Studios have been teasing a second Kickstarter campaign for Möira for a while now, and with that now imminent (no confirmed date is available beyond a promise of ‘soon’) I’m sure we could all do with a brief reminder of what went wrong the first time.


It was over eighteen months ago that the first Kickstarter campaign for Möira ended in a pretty dismal failure with only $2,216 CAD ($1,602) raised – and you can download the Cliqist data file for more information if you’re interested in the details. However Onagro have openly admitted their faults in launching it too soon and with not enough publicity, and they’re not making that mistake again. They’ve been posting on the TIGSource Forums for nearly a year, have kept their social media outlets updated with development news, have a new trailer and crucially have made a demo available for download.

The development team has also been expanded and most crucially concession has been made with the extremely retro game boy aesthetics with the introduction of an adjustable colour palette which promises to have an input on gameplay as well as providing some visual stimulation. The gameplay also continues to look extremely innovative with young magician Rubick able to mimic and combine enemy powers in many inventive ways and I’m personally looking forward to seeing Onagro have another stab at success.

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