Wouldn’t it be fun to embody the very evil essence of a cheesy villain, just for one day? You know, the classic type that knows of nothing but sinister plots and mischievous schemes involving only the most intricate plans of destruction imaginable. What if I told you that might be possible if you support MachiaVillain, that being a horror mansion management game in which your sole purpose is to let your evil minions munch on the precious brains of innocent, unsuspecting victims? Now there’s a game I’d really like to play.


Coming from the creators of Freaking Meatbags, MachiaVillain lets you build your own mansion full of vampire crypts, mad scientist labs, cannibal kitchens and other sorts of nasty dwellings. Inspired by Dungeon Keeper and riddled with horror movie cliches, a key point of the game is its “active pause” monster combat system, where you can issue commands to all sorts of nasty mansion dwellers you’d happen to own. Ultimately though, the main goal is simply to make sure your monsters get fed well. Which most of the times involves the death of a few innocent fools passing-by.


In the same time, MachiaVillain’s concept quickly becomes more intricate, as different things happen depending on what humans enter the mansion. For example, a professional monster hunter might enter your precious lair, or even an angry mob – and all of those have their own specific behavior you must account for. Best part – the game has a strict set of “unspoken rules of the horror movie genre”, those including: leave the virgin alive until the very last moment, do not kill the dog (ever) and only slaughter victims when they’re alone (except when they’re having sex, obviously).

Bloody brilliant.


So yeah, make sure to check out MachiaVillain on Kickstarter. The French team behind the game requires €23,000, which is certainly a more than reasonable amount considering how polished and fun the game already looks. I also think it’s necessary to mention that the developers seem to be very dedicated to offering continuous support to their games, at least judging by the state of Freaking Meatbags on Steam and its fresh, newly-released update from the 12th of February.

Track the progress of the MachiaVillian Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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