For those who have been following tradable card game Nova Blitz know that the game has been shaping up nicely. Go ahead and check out my look at the previous build that was released for the Kickstarter if you’re still not sold. Anyway, as of the latest update Dragon Foundry just released a new alpha build of the game for fans to try out. While I haven’t yet had the chance to do so I’m sure that I’ll be pleased to see whatever new features have been added.


The update goes into more detail of what to expect with the new build, but suffice it to say that I’m excited to see what they continue to add to enhance my experience in taking on an alternate option to Magic: The Gathering. I do plan on giving it a spin soon, and do expect to hear my thoughts on it sometime in the near future. Until then, consider giving a go at Nova Blitz¬†yourself. It’s not like you have to pay to play right now anyway.

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