Clever Endeavour Games (possibly one of my favorite dev names so far) has announced the release of their Kickstarter funded party platformer, Ultimate Chicken Horse. Part Mario Maker and part utter lunacy, the game will be available on Steam beginning March 4th. In addition to the announcement, the dev team also filled everyone in on some of the new developments they can look forward to at launch.


Chief among the new features is an unlock system whereby players are rewarded with new characters, outfits, and levels as they progress. They’ve also cleaned up the user interface and slipped in another level, The Metal Plant. If this seems like a lot of last minute updates, just remember that Clever Endeavour has been pushing forward on Ultimate Chicken Horse steadily since it was funded last year. It’s worth noting that they are still trying to finish the online multiplayer for the game. Originally they had planned a solo player mode, but put that on hiatus after convention feedback convinced them to go all in on the online multiplayer.


Ultimate Chicken Horse seems like a tremendously fun game and it’s exciting to see a dev team actually delivering on their Backer Rewards. According to the update, Kickstarter Backers can expect to receive their game keys a few days early with additional rewards being filtered out after the Steam release.

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