A card game is usually just a card game. You draw cards, play them, and hope to beat your opponent senseless. For the most part you’re controlling the flow of battle as a faceless overlord. With the upcoming Allians, though, you’re pretty much in the trenches. Bear with me. According to their website you become a card based on your Steam account and achievements unlocked. How this translates into game mechanics I’m not entirely sure but it’s certainly a unique feature that makes me want to know more.


Unsurprisingly most heavily influenced by adventure games.

Come March 29th we should be treated to not only more information but a Kickstarter campaign to earn funding as well. I’ll need to know more about how Allians plans on implementing said feature as well as the flow of the game itself before I take the plunge but suffice it to say that I’m hooked already. Certainly enough to talk about it when it goes live. That said,¬†you can make your own card using the creator provided to see how it works. Mine can be seen above based off my own Steam profile.

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