Yes, you read that correctly. If you follow the crowdfunded gaming scene at all, you’ve no doubt heard of Alice Dreams Tournament, a successful Kickstarter project headed for the Sega Dreamcast (no matter how many times you read that, it never gets any less intriguing) and so, without further adieu, I’d like to present to you the latest information on the game, by way of a new update.

It’s a small update, all things considered, but it’s not without its gems. Perhaps the most noteworthy news is that the team are working on cover art for the US, Europe & Japan regions, and expect to have them ready soon. They’ve included a small preview, pictured below for your viewing pleasure.

Alice Dreams TournamentWell, that’s…something. It’s certainly something.

Development is also underway for a new type of scoring system which, apparently, uses ‘an original interaction’ for the Dreamcast. It’s a little unclear what the Alice Dreams Tournament team means by that, but I would interpret that to mean either something never done before in any game in the Dreamcast’s library, or something that utilizes a unique aspect of the console that couldn’t be achieved on any other system. The team’s vague language doesn’t really bother me, as I still haven’t quite gotten over the fact that they’re making a game for the Dreamcast.

Lastly, a couple of new map reveals, which you can check out in the update post. All in all, a minor update for a very noteworthy project. I can’t wait until Alice Dreams Tournament comes out, if only to see how many gaming outlets go through the trouble of acquiring Dreamcasts in order to review it.

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