Point and click adventure game Memoranda received $25,625 CAD ($19,712) in pledges back in November 2015 but in the five months since developer Bit Byterz had posted zero updates. That’s now been rectified in April 2016 even if the update is only to apologise, point out the difficulties of working remotely with voice actors and assert that Memoranda is nearly finished.


If the update sounds brief that’s because it is – only 190 words to be exact (less than this article). Considering how overdue the update is that’s extremely disappointing and would normally be raising all kinds of red flags in terms of Memoranda ever being released. However to be fair to Bit Byterz they had been responding to backer complaints in the Kickstarter comments section and posting irregular updates on social media (but oddly not on their own website).

Still the lack of official updates for Memoranda in that time is extremely unprofessional – as the backers have pointed out they just want the developers to check in and confirm they’re still there. The fact that Memoranda has missed its original release of December 2015 and now the revised date of “March 2016” is further bad news although the fact it’s now in the testing phase does mean it should hopefully appear soon.

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