Cartoonish violence displayed in a humorous vein has been a mainstay of vigilantism since Tom & Jerry began regularly garotting each other on screen. More recent animated series like Family Guy and South Park have picked up the torch and regularly showcase violent situations humorously.

Being a victim of bullying throughout my school years, I can’t deny that I always felt a deep sense of joy when my tormentors received their much-deserved comeuppance.

You will pay…

Rather than get caught up in the politically correct aspect of vigilante justice (I’m looking at you, Batman fans), why not enjoy an interactive and cartoonish representation of the “little guy” gaining the upper hand? Enter Little Johnny’s Revenge.

You have to get them when they least expect it…

So who is Little Johnny and why is he seeking revenge? The brainchild of Spanish developer Rafael Garcia, the game draws inspiration from the aforementioned cartoons and gives players the chance to appease their oppressed and nerdy inner child.

With Garcia promising a quick turnaround time from funding to delivery, some may question the somewhat lofty $11,242 goal set by the developer. In addition to Little Johnny’s Revenge,  Garcia has also been working on the engine that powers it, the awesomely named Bladecode Adventure Engine.


With multi-platform support and an easy-to-understand interface, the engine could help budding developers break into the industry. Chalk one up for the little guys, because Johnny just may get his revenge on big AAA after all.

You can follow Garcia on Twitter.

Track the progress of the Little Johnny’s Revenge Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Conrad Crisman

Conrad Crisman

Conrad is an industry vet who's approximately 25% Internet famous. Starting with the NES Action Set and local arcades circa 1988, he has a soft spot for indie games and old school platformers. He even built his own arcade cabinet once and shamelessly bragged about it to his buddy.
Conrad Crisman