Normally, when an awesome and innovative game launches its Kickstarter, it’s flooded with initial backers excited to play it. However, Nebula’s Kickstarter page has been oddly quiet despite extremely promising pre-alpha footage. For retro nerds like myself, nothing’s better than seeing what looks like an amazing mashup between Super Metroid and Contra.


Yup, I’m fangirling hard!

This isn’t the first time that I’ve seen potentially promising projects not get the attention they deserve. When I see one like Nebula appear to slip between the cracks, I find myself asking why. In this case, it would seem that developer Akos has been a gamer since the glory days of the Atari 2600.

It wouldn’t be too far of a leap to assume that developers enter the realm of video game creation with many of those old school elements in mind. And who would be most likely to play a game that draws inspiration from eras past? Other #retrogamers, of course!


Though newer generations would surely appreciate Nebula!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to rope in a younger gamer demographic, but as a member of a previous era myself, I get all nostalgic when I see games like Nebula, I want them to exist, and I more than likely back them. Who is to say others like me wouldn’t do so as well?

I believe in the power of Kickstarter to help bring dreams to life, Nebula looks absolutely amazing, and I wish Akos and team all the luck in the world.

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