I like first person shooters, but for the most part I tend to focus on single player campaigns when they’re offered. I’ve only ever tried my hand online in a couple games and even then they had to have something worth playing for beyond partaking in a nasty frag-fest gibbing all the noobs. In the case of Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale there is something to capture my interest but is it enough to back?

Islands of Nyne: Battle RoyaleIslands of Nyne: Battle Royale stands unique in that it’s a truly massive online experience. You and 99 others are pitted against each other as you’re tossed into the arena with nothing but your wits. That’s right, you’ve got to go scavenging for your equipment, weapons, and armor. Then you’re off to get rid of the competition.

You’re basically in the middle of a nasty bout of the Hunger Games. Frankly this sounds like a great setup even if you don’t include the whole aliens entertaining themselves with blood sport angle. Add to it a tier leveling system similar to other games’ leaderboards and experience you’ve got the makings of something potentially beautiful.

Islands of Nyne: Battle RoyaleThat said, is it worth backing Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale? If you’re a fan of first person shooters then I highly recommend checking it out. It’s not just another Call of Duty clone either, which alone is almost enough to say yes to. They aren’t asking for a lot, but they have been developing the game for about a year now and the video does show off a good amount of gameplay so at least we already know it’s being worked on. There are still a good number of “early bird” slots at $15 but even the normal $30 price tag seems more than reasonable with what they’re promising if they can deliver.

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