Imagine if you will, the story of a young man studying to become a great mage but failing horribly at it. He accepts the request of some random dude looking for a mage and off they go. That’s the basic premise of Eldet, the latest visual novel on Kickstarter. But, who am I kidding? It’s not the story that captured my interest but rather the subject matter. In this case, plenty of yaoi for everyone and a focus on a much more diverse cast than normally seen in games of this genre.


But, even if you’re not into some hot steamy gay romance you can even skip all of the options to woo said bunch of rather fetching young lads. You can get through all of the available plotlines for your traveling companions and even to the end of Eldet without becoming attached to any of them. But, really, I’m sure you’re in it for the cute guys. I’m sure that there’s some compelling story there somewhere, but c’mon. Beefcakes.


Aside from the various gay romances the other most interesting feature of Eldet is that there’s a more diverse group of characters to grace the screen than you would expect. Taken from the pitch itself: “The game include characters of racial and ethnic backgrounds that are normally excluded in the fantasy genre, as well as having a cast of companions and love interests with body types that suffer from a lack of representation in games which have romance mechanics.” Frankly, these two aspects alone are almost enough for me to back the Kickstarter.

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