When it comes to having to cancel a crowdfunding project in the middle of the campaign I tend to have mixed feelings about it. How I react usually depends on what the reasons behind this decision are. If it’s because of securing extra funding, such as what just happened with CCG Fable Fortune, then I find little in the way to justify said move. According to the latest update they state that they got the funding for the foreseeable future but don’t go beyond that.


The update goes on to state that another reason for the move to take down the Fable Fortune Kickstarter was to focus on getting the game into a beta stage as soon as possible. Yes, I know that running a campaign is a hard task and takes the focus away from development but to just dump this information on backers after doing so without any real justification as to why doesn’t make me a happy camper. And I’m not even a backer of this one.

Fable Fortune

I’m sure it doesn’t help that they’ve barely managed to breach a decent percentage of their funding goal, but without real good reason I don’t see why they couldn’t at least try to make it in the final days. With or without outside funding. If they made it then they’d have an extra buffer to work with. If they didn’t then nobody gets charged for their pledges. This is something that to this day still baffles me but at least I can try to understand the reasoning behind canceling a project.

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