Starting off with an epic opening sequence that makes it seem like a Saturday morning cartoon from the 90s, the demo for SpaceCats In Space by Robotic Potato is a delight from start to finish. The setting is the typical cats versus dogs story with a few twists. The first thing being that its set in space, with ship combat. Its impressive for two species that don’t have opposable thumbs. The other being the good cats are British and the bad dogs are German.

The champion for the cat’s home world Meowfyre is Princess Angelina Contessa III, as well as the Player Character for SpaceCats In Space. She’s backed up by fellow pilot Art and bomber Jinxy who clears barriers that your spaceship’s weapons can’t handle and can provide extra fire power in battle.

The gameplay itself is easy to get into thanks to a short tutorial. The biggest challenge you have is orienting the guns while flying the ship, as their movement is controlled separately. To compensate for this, you can upgrade your ship or its weapons at the end of each level. However, each level in the demo gives you three lives to keep things from being too easy. Hopefully the final product will give you nine.

SpaceCats (3)

Clawing your way to victory

The demo hooks you in to the world with its opening, brings a laugh with its deliciously dark humor and amazes with its beautiful background and character art. Its incredibly satisfying blowing evil guys to smithereens with a huge spray of rockets.

All that said, SpaceCats in Space‘s campaign was recently cancelled, but with any luck we’ll be seeing more of the game in the near future.