Café Mildé is an LGBT focused visual novel by Sierra St Onge. The only choice in the demo is to chose between the two leads, giving the game a unique experience. You’ll choose between Cary, the Cafe’s friendly waitress, and Stefan, the surly cook.

Each path takes place at the same time with slightly deviating events. Playing both paths gives a complete look at the story, but you can play one character and not miss much of the other side.

The story introduces you to an interesting world where magical creatures live incognito amongst humans. The reason for this masquerade isn’t said though. There’s some slightly chilling dialogue from a visiting siren in Cary’s path that gives hints as to why, but nothing concrete.

CafeMilde (2)


The demo ends abruptly part way through the first day, not leaving enough time to get invested in the story and characters. The full game will likely be more coherent and will give its intriguing setting a chance to shine.