If you’ve watched History Channel’s Vikings and thought to yourself, I could totally do that, you’re about to get your chance. Crash Wave Games will be releasing a Kickstarter campaign for their new rogue-lite mashup, Iron Tides on September 28th. In the meantime you can check out their demo for a peek inside the life of a viking chieftain and his roaming warband.


The only information I had going into the demo was that I had to finish the quest with all of my vikings alive. This sound plan was quickly thrown out the window when my berserker met his untimely demise early on. Once they make the trip to Valhalla there is simply no coming back. It is a constant fight for survival as you traverse the dangerous waters looking for supplies to fortify your crew.

Danger lurks everywhere and every fight saw me outnumbered. The only way to survive the turn-based combat is to think strategically and utilize each of your viking’s combat abilities. In addition to the combat there are also survival elements as you pillage to feed and maintain your hardworking warband.

I didn’t make it as far into the demo as I would have liked. The procedurally generated map was actively working against me by dropping hostile vessels in my path at every turn. Still, I had a lot of fun with this early version of the game. I do recommend turning on the persistent corpses option in the starting menu. There is something innately satisfying about being surrounded by the bodies your fallen enemies as you strike the final blow.

Check out the video above or visit Iron Tides on the Crash Waves website or Steam Greenlight and let me know what you think.

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