Developer Something Classic continues to impress with the release of a full Shadows of Adam beta build. The game is now fully playable from start to finish, including all hidden areas and ultimate weapons. Backers who pledged at Dradoran Soldier tier or above, can claim their beta keys through their humble bundle account.

The Story So Far

Shadows of Adam raised $22,913 of their $20,000 campaign goal on Kickstarter in February. The developers wasted no time in releasing the alpha demo just a few months later in July. Since that time they have been hard at work fixing bugs and implementing additional features. Now, thanks to the hard work of their QA testers, Something Classic is ready to share this early build of their game.


Unlike many retro-styled JRPG indie games, Shadows of Adam was designed to do more than evoke nostalgia. The developers were focused on creating innovative systems to update classic 16-bit mechanics for modern audiences. Gone were the random monster encounters and stagnant maps.

Something Classic also tweaked notable mainstays like ability points (AP) by having them replenish between rounds of combat and upon defeating enemies. This encourages players to use their skills to further develop them during combat.

With the release of the beta the team plans to continue correcting bugs while making a final pass on combat balance. They plan to make bosses more challenging and scale back some overpowered skills. Once these changes are made work on the core game will be complete and focus will shift over to preparing for Shadow of Adam’s launch. There will also be an official player’s guide and an upcoming Artifacters Guild DLC.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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Joanna Mueller