Nothing spices up a 16-bit horror themed summer camp like snow. At least that seems to be the idea behind Fossil Games’ latest Camp Sunshine update. The winter theme adds a touch of snow and plenty of chances to catch up with the murderous Sunshine Bear.

Camp Sunshine was funded on Indiegogo back in April of this year. Despite flying relatively under most radars, the game has actually done well for itself since releasing on Steam back in October. The developers are still ironing out a few mechanics, but overall reviews have been positive.

The story follows a boy named Jez who has been dropped off at summer camp. After waking up in the middle of the night, Jez discovers that a killer dressed in a mascot costume has murdered the other campers. As Jez, the player must piece together the puzzle of the summer camp slasher to put an end to this night of terror.

Holly Jolly Horror

With the new winter update, Jez will also be forced to contend with the snowy conditions around the camp. Snowmen have also suddenly appeared and the update strongly encourages players to be “nice” to them, least they get put on the “naughty” list.

Fossil has also used the update to improve some of the mechanics of Sunshine Bear, who will appear more often. Jez can now use energy drinks for a temporary speed boost to escape. Cabins were also reworked with the second floor now acting as a connected experience to the first. No more ditching the killer by running upstairs.

Like most fun holiday themes, the winter theme won’t last long. Players should check it out while they can, and remember to leave the snowmen alone. They were surprisingly adamant about that warning, might be worth looking into.

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Joanna Mueller

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