Before I get started on talking about Feminazi: The Triggering, I want to make sure I point out something important. I have absolutely no problem with satire or parody. However, said satire need to be at least tasteful if it’s going to be taken seriously. In the case of Feminazi: The Triggering, the game lives up to its title. It’s nothing but a game intended to trigger its audience.

Feminazi: The Triggering

Despite what the developers say in the pitch, I see nothing of value in Feminazi: The Triggering. There’s really nothing nice to say about this “game”. It comes across like an obvious attempt on the part of the developers to piss people off. I honestly felt incensed by the audacity of making fun of a movement they probably know nothing about.

I consider myself a feminist, but I certainly don’t ram my ideology down others’ throats. Even if they’re the “straight cis scum” as portrayed in Feminazi: The Triggering, I’d rather educate than attack. At best, this game is a person’s misunderstanding of a movement. On top of that, it doesn’t even look like that great of a game.

Feminazi: The Triggering

Adding insult to an already deep injury, Hyperborean Games is treating the Feminazi: The Triggering Kickstarter as nothing more than a marketing tool, rather than what the site is intended to be. According to the developers the game is essentially finished, with the $88* being asked for just a “symbolic number“. All they want is to get Feminazi: The Triggering noticed, but honestly it doesn’t deserve to be crowdfunded for any of the above reasons.

If I sound like a “feminazi” myself, it’s because this game looks to dehumanize women more than “lift them up”. Satire or not, I’m not happy that this even passed the screening process.

* Note that the actual funding goal for Feminazi: The Triggering is $78 USD (converted) and not $88 as stated in the campaign description. No explanation is given for the difference.

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