Sometimes you just wanna be Nikola Tesla blowing through Nazi robots with a Death Ray. You may have not even realized this was something you wanted, but now that you’ve had a moment to think about it you’ve slowly begun to nod your head. A common response when viewing the Kickstarter for Glad Rock’s metroidvania action/adventure title, Eon Break.

Seeking $50,000, the game wants to put players behind the handsome mustache of one of history’s greatest minds. After alien technology kicks off an alternative WWII universe, it’s up to Tesla to cheat death so he can put an end to the Third Reich. Nazi alien technology isn’t all he’s up against though. The Reich has been busy genetically engineering mushroom creature hybrids in their bid for world domination. It’s completely bizarre, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

There is a reason the developers chose Tesla as their protagonist. It wasn’t just because of his sweet stache, but I’m certain that was also a factor. The man was basically the Tony Stark of his time (minus all the fame and money). His genius inventions helped shape the modern world, and now they will help defend it.

Innovative Inventions

Naturally, players will be sporting a modified Tesla gun as their primary weapon. The gun uses electricity to burn through enemies and rip apart space to create an all consuming void. Players will also be able to find and upgrade an advanced movement apparatus for teleportation and an autonomous life support droid that controls time. All of these mechanics fit together to give players the ability to explore and defeat massive enemies while looking dapper as hell.

The hand-drawn art really sets Eon Break apart from the usual metroidvania, nostalgia campaigns we see every week. Rather than being all pixelated doom and gloom, levels are colorful and interesting. The developers drew some heavy inspiration from 80s sci-fi movies. The result is an eclectic mix of neon and diesel-punk that really gives the game a distinct style.

Despite all the love an attention on display, the campaign has gotten off to a sluggish start. It’s a shame as this is the sort of wildly imaginative game that crowdfunding was made to support. It’s satisfyingly weird without going over-the-top. Hopefully, the devs will do some serious community building before the campaign ends on July 13th. Those Nazi Mushrooms aren’t going to eliminate themselves.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

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