Originally conceived back in December of 2015, Re:Legend (then Legend of Lumina) nearly ended before it had even begun. Despite amassing a loyal following as one of the top Square Enix Collective projects, financial difficulties lead the game’s investor to pull out. Faced with losing over a year’s worth of their work, the development team banded together to recreate their initial success. After once again climbing the ranks of the Square Enix Collective, Magnus Games has come to Kickstarter to fund their monster-raising RPG Sim, Re:Legend.

Heavily inspired by the mechanics of series like Rune Factory and Monster Rancher, Re:Legend sees players raising magical creatures called “Magnus” in a gorgeous fantasy world. The game also features typical RPG farming, crafting, and village building, either alone or in up to four person multiplayer.

Players find themselves washed ashore Vokka Island. With no memories of their past they must befriend the island’s inhabitants and start a new life for themselves. Daring players can visit different regions around Vokka Island. This allows them to reclaim some of their memories, but these regions are dangerous and full of wild Mangus. Luckily, they can tame their own Mangus and recruit more villagers to improve their chances.

Can’t Put A Price On Cute

The whole project is so stupidly adorable that even the relatively high pledge tiers haven’t kept backers away. Magnus Games was hoping to raise at least $51,657 on Kickstarter, but after surpassing their funding goal in only 18 hours they may have to dream even bigger. Upcoming stretch goals offer everything from full voice acting to specific console releases.

If Mangus can deliver on their campaign promises, Re:Legend has all the makings of a classic JRPG Sim. If you’d like to get in on the ground floor of this adorable adventure, check out the Kickstarter and pledge today.

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